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How to Register

Please read all of these instructions before completing the registration form, which follows

Basic information:

Please use the name you would like used on your certificate, and the address you would like the certificate mailed to.

Please ensure your email address is clear as we use this as our primary communication tool.

Register early to avoid disappointment. It is never too early to register and we have wait lists for most programs!

How to register:

  • Establish whether you meet EMDRIA’s eligibility criteria (minimum of a Masters degree in a counselling field and membership in a college or approved regulatory body. Liability insurance if in private practice). As an EMDRIA-Approved program, we have no discretion on eligibility criteria.
  • Print off a registration form and Participant’s Agreement from this website.
  • Choose which program you want to attend (you must commit to the whole program – both Parts 1 & 2).
  • Choose a payment option and method of payment (we accept cheques, VISA, MC or eTransfer)
  • Fill out the form clearly and completely (demographics, degree, name and registration number of association or college, chosen course, payment option, complete credit card or other payment info). Review our cancellation policies.
  • Assemble the supporting documentation (proof of degree, proof of membership in an approved association or college & registration number, and proof of insurance coverage if in private practice). Copies must be in Word or pdf format and sent to us as an attachment, if emailing. If paying by cheque, post-date the cheques to the 45-day mark and make payable to the NSTC.
  • Fax or scan or email or post the registration form, participant’s agreement and supporting documentation to the NSTC:
    201 – 93 Ontario Street
    St. Catharines ON
    L2R 5J7
    Fax: 905-687-6865
  • Please wait at least 14 days for us to process your registration and email you a confirmation of registration. Please do not telephone or email (either, not both) to enquire, unless you haven’t heard from us in 14 days.
  • We can only reserve a spot when we have your fully-completed registration form, signed participant’s agreement and all supporting documentation and signed participant’s agreement. We do not register anyone based on an email or telephone conversation. At the 45-day mark, we will confirm the course and send you a detailed information sheet by email.
  • We do not process any payments until at least the 45-day mark (45 days before the program starts). No deposit is required.

Program completion deadlines:

EMDRIA requires that you complete any in-person or virtual programs within 12 months of the initial start date.

Completion requires both Parts 1 & 2, plus 10 consultation hours.

Special considerations and needs

Please note that we ask that you observe a “scent-free” policy during this training (this includes scented lotions etc).  

Do you need any special provisions for any disability? If so, please make a note on the registration form and contact us directly.  Do you require gluten-free refreshments? Please let us know on your registration form.

Download Registration Form and Participant’s Agreement