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Benefits of EMDR Training

Add EMDR to your Practice

Add joy, hope and optimism to your clinical practice. Exceptional treatment outcomes are not unusual. Look forward to going to work every day – reduce the possibility of compassion fatigue.

Why Include EMDR Therapy to your Repertoire?

For You, as the Clinician…

  • reliance on a scientifically validated treatment modality for trauma symptoms/PTSD;
  • the possibility of more optimism about your work;
  • enriched, respectful therapeutic relations;
  • the possibility of witnessing your clients’ own healing, and
  • EMDR is marketable – recoup training fees quickly.

For Your Clients…

  • recognized and validated treatment of their trauma symptoms & PTSD;
  • comprehensive treatment plan, which addresses their past traumatic memories, current symptoms and triggers, as well as future concerns;
  • likelihood of increased confidence and adaptive daily living;
    more hope for the future, and
  • a clearer sense of their own healing power.

EMDR Therapy training may be covered by government funding

Since 2011, the Ontario Ministry of Health and The Canadian Department of Defense have provided funding for EMDR training for programs delivered by the NSTC:

  • The Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence Treatment Centres in Ontario hospitals have over 50 staff members trained,
  • The Primary Health Care Services of Peterborough (a network of Family Health Teams servicing 113,000 patients in that city) also commissioned a Ministry-funded EMDR training, and
  • We have now delivered courses to three Canadian Forces Bases, training base clinical staff who work with our service men & women and their families.

The clients/patients of these programs now have access to publicly-funded EMDR.

An added benefit for private-practice clinicians… EMDR is marketable!

The word catches on quickly – physicians & other referral agents and satisfied clients are enthusiastic about EMDR for its efficiency as well as effectiveness. You will recoup your course fee in short order.