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EMDR Workshop

June 2022

If you are not being routinely exhilarated by your current EMDR outcomes, it is time to refresh & revitalize your EMDR competence. The Niagara Stress & Trauma Clinic created this workshop to help you consolidate & enhance your EMDR skills, and increase both your confidence & comfort as an EMDR clinician.


Live WebinarJuly 15, 2022
1pm-4pm ET
CAN $120 plus HST ($135.60)
Live WebinarMar. 17, 2023
1pm-4pm ET
CAN $120 plus HST ($135.60)

Getting Ventral with Polyvagal Theory in EMDR Therapy

Polyvagal Theory (PVT) is a splendid foundation for EMDR Therapy, helping us to assess and improve the client’s dual-awareness, or status in the “window of affect tolerance”, during both preparation and reprocessing work.

In this live webinar, PVT is offered in an accessible form that you will be able to directly teach to your clients.

  • The therapeutic context is a perfect platform for using Porges’ “Social Engagement System” for the direct purpose of co-regulating with your clients, giving them an experiential version of dual awareness (ventral vagal tone).
  • To fight, flee or shutdown are adaptive defenses when there is danger or life-threat. Clients tend to live in ‘trauma time’ – in the SNS circuitry of anger/anxiety (fight/flight) or the dorsal vagal circuitry of hopelessness/shutdown, mis attuned with both the current (safer) reality & their (increased adult) resources.
  • Learning to note, and work directly purposefully with, the state of both of our nervous systems during sessions enhances attunement and allows us to create those top-down state-changes towards ventral vagal regulation of safety & dual awareness, during any Phase of EMDR Therapy.
  • PVT-informed additions to our usual stabilization tools in Phase 2 will be introduced as well as PVT-informed target selection, with implications for intervention during reprocessing (Phases 3 – 8).
  • As EMDR therapists, we have the further fabulous means of helping our clients achieve more regular ventral safety by helping them reprocess stuck trauma using the Standard Protocol. When we have a neuroception of safety, our vagus nerve dampens defenses by putting on the vagal brake. This live webinar will put the vagal brake on any apprehensions you hitherto had about being able to integrate PVT into your EMDR work with clients!

Presenter: Barbara Horne MASc, RP, RMFT
Fee: $120 plus HST ($135.60) CAN
Prerequisite: Completion of the full Basic EMDRIA-Approved Basic EMDR Training program
CE Credits: Approval for 3 CE Credit hours

About the Training Staff:
Barbara Horne MASc, RMFT is an EMDRIA-Approved Consultant and director of the Niagara Stress & Trauma Clinic’s EMDR training program since 2007. She has personally taught over 60 EMDRIA-Approved Basic EMDR programs in Central & Eastern Canada, training thousands of Canadian EMDR clinicians. Barbara is also an experienced speaker, having presented on EMDR at provincial, national and international conferences.

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