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When individuals or families first request therapy, they are often unsure of what questions they have the right to ask a therapist. We know that "information is empowering". With that in mind we have provided a list of questions. These questions will add to your knowledge and experience to ensure that you can feel comfortable and confident with the service that is being provided.

Questions you are welcome to ask your Therapist/Psychotherapist

Education, Professional Training, and Experience

  • What is your background and training?
  • Why did you become a therapist?
  • What is going to happen over the next hour?
  • How do you think you can help me?
  • Have you worked with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and inter-sexed people?
  • Do you support a woman’s right to make choices about her body?
  • Have you worked with clients from cultural/racial and/or religious backgrounds different from your own?
  • Do you offer services in languages other than English?
  • How do I know when I’m done with therapy? What happens at that time?
  • Can I come back to therapy at any time?

Ethical Guidelines and Professional Organization(s)

  • Are these services confidential, and what are the limits to confidentiality?
  • How do you regulate boundaries, for the comfort of your clients?
  • If appropriate will you refer me to other services outside of your practice?
  • What will you do if we meet, by chance, in the community?
  • Do you receive clinical supervision/consultation? What does that involve?
  • Do you belong to an organization that represents your profession? If so, what is it, and how does it provide protection to me, the consumer?

Record-Keeping, Fees, Administrative Concerns

  • Do you keep written records or files? Do I have access to them?
  • Do you write letters of support/assessment for other professionals? Is there a fee for this request?
  • How long is a session? How long between sessions?
  • What happens if I cancel an appointment?
  • Do you offer phone contact or crisis intervention between sessions?
  • Are your services covered by OHIP, insurance companies or health plans?
  • What is your fee?
  • Do you offer a sliding scale or a pro bono service?
  • When you are ill or on vacation do you provide back-up support?

Most often asked Questions

  • What is the difference between a psychiatrist, psychologist, marriage and family therapist, social worker, psychotherapist, therapist and counsellor?
  • How long will I be in therapy?