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Energy psychology is a fast growing series of interventions that originated in Applied Kinesiology. Like EMDR, Energy Psychology is founded in the fact that as humans, we are natural healers. It focuses on the electro-magnetic energy systems that are integral to any living organism. You may remember from your high school science courses that every living cell is surrounded by an electro-magnetic energy field, with north and south poles. From this cellular level up, you can see that electro-magnetic fields are integral to our lives-from each cell, to each organ, to each system, to each living organism, to the earth itself with its poles and gravitational pull. There are, in fact, eight different energy systems organized around each living organism. In Energy Psychology, the idea is that if the energy systems are blocked, scrambled or depolarized, emotional problems will result and healing will be blocked. Therefore, energy healing concerns itself with getting the energy systems flowing the right way. There are a large number of different therapies that operate from these principles-a prominent example is acupuncture. Acupuncture follows the principals of ancient Chinese medicine that now, after much critical skepticism, is more accepted and understood by conventional Western medicine. Other energy techniques include therapeutic touch, muscle testing (for allergies etc), reiki, reflexology, sacro-cranial work and the energy psychology techniques, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT), and the Seemorg Matrix chakra work.

Here at the NSTC we can offer energy techniques to enhance EMDR trauma therapy, for those who are interested. In addition to the therapeutic techniques, there are simple energy routines that can potentiate the work done in therapy. Clients can learn powerful techniques for home use, to assist them in maintaining both physical and emotional health.