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A registered Marriage & Family Therapist (RMFT) is a relationship specialist. We don't focus on what is wrong-we are trained to pay attention to what works in a relationship. Couple & family therapy is an experiential process that helps you rediscover your own resources. In a session, the therapist creates the conditions for couples and families to have different kinds of conversations with each other-conversations that work. Therapy is basically a process that helps you to be "more of yourself". It does not involve figuring out how things got to be the way they are, or figuring out who is at fault. Therapy is simply about replacing what is happening with something better. Couple and family therapy is usually completed in fewer than 10 sessions. If you are feeling 'stuck' in relating to your children, parents, siblings, spouse or partner; if you find yourselves in regular conflict, or if you find yourselves 'drifting' from each other, then a Registered Marriage & Family Therapist can help.


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