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Help for Nova Scotia

May 2020


Over the years the Niagara Stress and Trauma Clinic (NSTC) has trained almost 300 EMDR clinicians in the Maritimes and Newfoundland & Labrador.  Our local facilitators there, Denise Perron, Lesley Hartman & Marina Hewlett (joined by training facilitators, Beth Toomey & Emily Bushell, plus ‘honorary member’ Donna McLennon) mobilized us after the horrific events of April 18th & 19th to create a support program for the Nova Scotia EMDR clinicians who are working with those affected. Under the direction of Barbara Horne & Philippe Gauvreau, the NSTC now has a training team of 14 members in central and eastern Canada.  Assisted also by our Ontario team, we are bringing help to Nova Scotia.

We want to support you in your work with first responders, victims and witnesses of these events, in recognition of the fact that you, as the local EMDR providers, are the appropriate people to be delivering this care to your citizens.  We are focusing our NSTC support on you, as you care for your clients. We are also offering this program within the context of the pandemic, in addition to the more recent Canadian Air Force tragedies that claimed even more Maritimers.


Our NSTC Nova Scotia Support Sessions have four possible components, all conducted on a secured Zoom platform.  Any EMDR-trained clinician is eligible to participate.  You can choose how and how much you want to be involved.


  1. Philippe and Lesley have already delivered three webinars to EMDR clinicians in your area on Virtual Therapy, the Recent Events Protocol & the Reprocessing Continuum and R-TEP.
  2. A second round of webinars may be offered in the future. 

Case Consultation:

  1. We are offering a schedule of 2-hour group consultations to you, based our individual specializations, to help you with your direct work. Groups sizes are maximum of 10, with a minimum of 6.
  2. These groups will be led by a member of the NSTC training team.
  3. These sessions would typically cost about $30-$50 (group of 10-6).  We ask that you pay what you can, directly to the facilitator leading your group.  (We recognize that the pandemic may have put financial constraints on you.)
  4. On the other hand, if you think you need individual case consultation, please contact the consultant of your choice (fees would be negotiated with the consultant).

Individual Therapy:

If you need more help personally, contact one of the NSTC team members (listed on the reg form) who are licensed to practice in the Maritimes, for individual EMDR therapy. All details (including fees) would be worked out with the team member in question.

 Group-Protocols for you:

  1. We have been looking into possible ways of delivering group-protocols to you (in groups of 8, led by a pair of us) as the means of providing you with personal support in what has been a very difficult time. We are aware that you all are grappling with your own feelings about what has been going on, as well as supporting your clients.  Elan Shapiro & Judy Moench have recently developed a Self-Care Traumatic Episode Protocol (STEP) which is a virtual version of their G-TEP (Group Traumatic Events Protocol). This protocol may be available to you, through the EMDR Canada website. 
  • We are also looking into other possible group protocols to offer you—stay tuned for updates on this (we’ll notify with an e-blast followed by updates on this site).

Note:  Barbara Horne & Philippe Gauvreau are also doing biweekly group consultations until the end of June, for “EMDR Canada’s Support Sessions”.  This initiative was launched by EMDR Canada in response to the global pandemic and its effects—consultation focuses on doing virtual therapy and other COVID19-related issues.  These consultations are free—you can sign up from the EMDR Canada website.

How to Register

  1. Download the registration form PDF: Download PDF
  2. Complete the form submit by one of the following:
    1. Fax: 905-687-6865
    2. Email:
    3. Mail:
      201 – 93 Ontario Street
      St. Catharines ON
      L2R 5J7